Market Patrol
A system that monitors all your securities trading to ensure your firm's operations are Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) compliant, and provides valuable management information:
  • Provides assurance of FCA Market Abuse Regulations compliance. These changed with the introduction of new EU regulations in July 2016. These will still apply for a few years despite the UK's intention to leave the EU. Market Patrol can help your firm ensure compliance as the regulatory landscape evolves and changes.
  • Affordable and easy monitoring of all your trades
  • Suitable for both buy-side and sell-side firms
  • Systems for all sizes of firms
  • Installation on premises or in the cloud
Designed to ensure you fulfill your legal obligations and also get real operational benefit and high ROI. See also the "Technical" section which provides some more details and some screenshots.
  • Robust efficient rules developed and tested over nearly 10 years with low rate of false positives
  • Comprehensive alerts including: Trading Alerts, Disclosure Alerts, Personal Account Alerts
  • Powerful user-defined rules that are easy to set up
  • Every system has a test system, so you can experiment with rules and use for training
  • Alerts are easy to understand and include explanations of why the alert was raised
  • Alert notification by email or sms
  • Easy-to-use alert investigation and management tools, including case tracking and management
  • Summary reports of alerts and cases handled
The choice of a cloud-based system or an in-house system, together with a migration path allows you to choose the best system to meet your current needs without having to worry about future requirements or scalability.
Cloud System
  • Host on our own secure servers.
  • Ideal where the number of daily transactions is small, from a few a day up to a few hundred
  • Data can be uploaded manually or can be scheduled to be pulled in regularly
  • System has all the functionality of an on-site system
  • No need to worry about supporting data feeds
  • Once set up, alert notifications mean you only need to log in if you get an email or sms
  • All data is held securely
In-house System
  • Installed on a local Linux server or on your virtual server platform
  • Takes data feeds direct from trading platforms, position management systems and other data sources
  • Can be partitioned into several distinct systems for larger firms
  • Once set up, alert notifications mean you only need to log in if you get an email or sms
Inferential has many years' experience in monitoring trades. Just some of the ways we can help:
  • Custom-built rules tailored to meet your firm's requirements
  • Consultancy and support when analysing trades and market conditions
  • Consultancy and support on regulatory requirements
  • Technical consultancy